View over the garden and Park Sijtwende


From your chair you have a view over the garden and Park Sijtwende. This contributes to a relaxing atmosphere.  

During the first appointment we will discuss your wishes and foot problems and  I will ask some questions to learn more about your medical history. Also I will examine your feet and if necessary, give some advice. Therefore, your first appointment will likely take some more time.

For specific problems it is necessary to undergo more treatments, but sometimes one treatment is sufficient. In case of more treatments, a frequency of once every 6 or 7 weeks is common.
The treatments I offer you can see below. Please click on  +  to learn more about these treatments.

Pedicure treatment (ca. 60  minutes)

€ 34,00

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A pedicure treatment includes:
- Disinfection of the feet
- Clipping and cleaning of the toe nails
- Polishing of the toe nails
- Removing calluses and/or corns
- Shortening/flattening of hard to cut toe nails
- Treatment of inward growing nails and cracks 
- Moisturizing of the feet
- Foot massage 

Pedicure treatment + nail polishing (ca. 75 minutes)

€ 41,50

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Pedicure treatment  +  a nail base coat, 1 or 2 layers of colored nail polish and a nail top coat.

In my practice you can pay by cash, tikkie or transfer to my bank account.
It is not possible to pay by cash card.

Please cancel the appointment 24 hours in advance, otherwise I have to charge you the fee of the treatment.